“During the period of 2008 through 2014, I was a client of Ying Guo. Ying developed several new integrations to meet our business needs. Ying also reengineered 30 other integrations which assisted my accounting and contracts staff with time saving processes. All of the system programs that Ying provided were delivered on time and with no errors.” – Thomas Dunn (Former Client)


“Ying is one of the brightest, most innovative technical people I’ve ever worked with. He comes up with efficient solutions and implements them rapidly and reliably.” – Kate Matthews (Technology and Business Solutions)


“I had the privilege of working with Ying Guo the last 9 years. Ying and I were Data Consultants at Deltek. Later, we worked at TBS, LLC as Developers. We worked on developing integrations for Costpoint, GCS, Time Collection, HRMS and payroll systems. As well as doing data conversions for platform changes, restructures, merges and legacy conversions. Ying’s greatest strength is efficiency. He is one of those unique consultants that has a deep understanding of the business and technology. He is extremely reliable. I’m always amazed how fast he learns a new technology and what a creative thinker. No one can think and code like Ying. He possesses a can-do attitude and a joy to work with. ” – Nina Troutman (Deltek/Technology and Business Solutions)