*Under Construction*

Recent Professional Projects:

SQL Optimization.

NodeJS Express Web Server with integration to Google Charts to generate charts/tables/graphs/etc.

NodeJS Express based AES256 web encryption and decryption.

ADP HR module integration with Deltek Costpoint.

Integrating Accounting systems(Costpoing/GCS/Vision) to 3rd Party Payroll system(ADP/Paychex/PrimePay).


Personal Projects:

Learning to Farm and Farming Process Automation

Raspberry Pi based Halloween Candy dispenser

Parsing Nintendo 64 Rom Packs

Raspberry Pi based Green Egg BBQ Controller V1 with real time reporting

Raspberry Pi based Christmas Tree Ornament

RetroPie in a NES with functional NES controller inputs, working LED, and power and reset button button fully functional

RetroPie in a SNES with functional SNES controller inputs. Working LED, and functional power button

RetroPie + Kodi + VPN

Android Picture vs NAS Picture Backup Check