Deltek projects made easy

Web Integration – With our simple approach and out of the box pre-built service, Deltek integration console calls can be made in hours not days/weeks. Complex transformation logic and 3rd party data sources can also be implemented to automate Costpoint functions.

Data Conversion – With pre-built tools for loading, extracting and viewing data, you can perform basic data conversion loads on your own using Excel/Postman/JQuery!

API – Expose your Costpoint/T&E data in JSON format for 3rd party consumption in a day(encryption and access control included).

Pay for experience, not code monkeys

Most people think that hiring a technical consultant = hiring a programmer. This is the wrong approach! You should be hiring someone to design a repeatable end-user process with minimal manual exceptions handling and 0 risk to your data integrity. The programming is just an add-on skill.

Quality, Time, Cost – All 3 please

Quality – Quality is easily elevated by avoiding common pitfalls while minimizing manual exception handling.

Time – Project timeline depends on the number of iterations (requirement meetings/coding/testing). Simply by having a complete set of test cases, requirements, logic and process flow before coding will naturally shorten the project timeline.

Cost – Having a set of tools to allow clients to handle simple database operations with our guidance lowers the total number of billable hours. This isn’t always the case with every project. But pre-built tools only come with experience.